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So I Got Into Grad School

15 Mar

A few weeks ago I found out, much to my surprise, that I got accepted into one of the top business schools in Canada to do my MBA. This was a bit of a shock for me as I had decided to apply just to see if I would have to write my GMAT again, totally thinking I wouldn’t get in. Clearly I was wrong…

Since being accepted I’ve had so much on my mind which has led me back to blogging as a way to unload. Here are some of my biggest worries:

Hitting the Books

It has been about two and a half years since I’ve been in school and the prospect of studying again is exciting but terrifying all at the same time! I’m starting off the program part-time which means that I will be taking about 6 hours of evening classes a week while maintaining my full time job. I always worked hard during my undergrad as a server but that was shift work and much more flexible than a 9-5 job. I know that by going into this program part-time I have some very late nights ahead of me.

The Finances

Getting an MBA is motherf***ing expensive! As I mentioned before, I have always been a hardworker and was fortunate enough to come out of my undergraduate and postgraduate education without any student debt. This time, however, I will not have a choice so will be forced to take out loans. I do plan on tapping into every resource possible to keep this debt as minimal as possible however being in my mid-twenties this still worries me. I know that in the future Roy and I will want to buy a house and travel and I’m terrified of my debt bringing us down and of this affecting his life too much.

Bye Bye SocialĀ Life

Being in an intense graduate program while working a full time job terrifies me! I truly hope that I will be able to find a good balance in my life and make the most of every minute of the day. I really don’t want to sacrifice quality time with Roy, dinners with my family, nights drinking wine with my gals and hitting the gym (something I need to do for myself) so I’m already trying to mentally prepare myself. I’ve always strongly believed in a work-life balance and although I know how hard I’m going to have to work and study, I do hope to find a way to maintain that.

Nonetheless, with all of those factors aside, I am so excited to have gotten into school. I’ve always feared not reaching my full potential but I feel that this is the perfect opportunity for me to challenge myself and see how hard I can push myself. And most of all, I know how much this program will help me to reach my career goals.

I’m definitely looking forward to this next chapter of my life and hopefully I’ll be able to record it all on this blog along the way!