Book Review Wednesdays – The Shadow of the Wind

25 May

I’m not yet done the book I’m currently reading so this week I’m going to talk about one of my all time favourite books, The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. This book has it all from love to murder. Once I started this book I found it almost impossible to put down. Written in a gothic style, the story is suspenseful and at times even frightening. As the reader follows young Daniel through the streets of post Civil-War Barcelona, one is thrown into his quest to find the author of a mysterious book called The Shadow of the Wind. Little does Daniel know that this journey will prove to be extremely dangerous.

I found this book unlike any other I had ever read. As a lover of books, reading a story that really plays on this passion was thrilling. I found myself wishing that I could be privy to the secret of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, a secret library that Daniel’s father takes him to to find this book that ends up changing Daniel’s life forever. This was the type of book that completely engulfs the reader and it was one of those rare stories that when I was finished I found myself sad, wishing there was more to read! Although this book is not even remotely realistic, it’s one of those perfect stories that takes the reader into a completely different world, one that is hard to escape.


Relections on Turning 25

24 May

This past weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday. When I look back on birthdays prior, 25 was always thought of to be the “scary birthday”. I felt that I would only be okay with turning 25 if I felt that my life was on track. However, when the day of my 25th birthday rolled around I felt strangely ambivalent. I wasn’t excited as I had always been on my birthday years before but I wasn’t depressed either. I was just 25, that was it.

So why wasn’t I freaking out as many people do when they turn 25? Maybe it’s because I’m happy with my job, maybe it’s because I’m in a relationship with someone who I truly see a future with or maybe it’s because I just have too many other things to worry about! I mean, everyone ages so what will freaking out about it do? And let’s face it, it’s better than not aging. In my opinion, there are so many things to look forward to in the future. I’m excited about the next chapter of my life. True, it’s absolutely terrifying not to have my path completely laid out like it has been in the past but that’s one of the things that makes it so exciting! My first 25 years have been pretty damn good but I know that the next 25 will be even better. Sure it will come with its own trials and tribulations but that’s what life is all about. Maybe I’m being annoyingly optimistic but trust me, I too have gone through my quarter life crisis and I’m sure I will experience it again.  But for now I’m just going to sit back, relax and see what happens next!

Hope everyone has a good night and I will see you tomorrow for Book Review Wednesday!

Introducing… Book Review Wednesdays!

18 May

I have a confession. There is one thing in this world that I can’t get enough of. It’s not shoes or chocolate (okay, those are also on the list…) but books. I have the bad habit of buying books. It’s not that I’m totally oppossed to owning a library card. There’s just something about holding a brand new book in your hands, cracking the spine for the first time and then adding it to my already overflowing book case. Truthfully, my dream is to have my very own library, something along the lines of this…

Okay, I may or may not have stolen my inspiration from the Beauty and the Beast library… Anyways, with all of that being said, I introduce to you Book Review Wednesdays! Every Wednesday I will have a a new book to review and this week I present to you ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls. First off, I must say that I absolutely LOVED this book. It was not only an emotionally written love story but hilarious as well! This story follows two characters, Emma and Dexter, after a life changing meeting on their last day of college on the exact same day for the next 20 odd years. This book had great character development and as their lives progress, you as the reader really feel like you are their best friend going through their lives right beside them. And the even better news about this book is that this summer the movie comes out! I usually have very low expectations about movies adapted from books but last night I saw Water for Elephants which was amazing and restored my faith in the fact that a great book can in fact equal a great movie. For a better idea of what One Day is about, I have posted the movie trailer below.

If anyone has any good book suggestions, please feel free to send them my way! Have a great day!

How Much Is Too Much?

17 May

So much for me saying that I’m going to start blogging regularly… It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Every time I think my life is going to start calming down something else comes up! Aside from working late almost every day, I think I was probably out almost every single day/night this past week and when my alarm went off this morning it was very hard for me to believe that it was Monday and the week was starting all over again! But I have high hopes that this is the week that I can finally have some ME time.

With all that being said, I started thinking this weekend, how much is too much? I have a problem, I have a hard time saying no. I want to think that I can do it all and please everyone while doing it but I got a major reality check yesterday. I was so exhausted from running around all week(end) and being so pressed for time that I just ended up in a horrible mood and in turn, my mood rubbed off on others. I feel that all of this could have been avoided had I not tried to do everything for everyone all at once. Anyways, lesson learned and at the end of it all I’ve (almost) finished a project at work that I’m really proud of (details to come) and spent a good amount of time with family, friends and boyfriend this weekend (even if it was at the cost of my sanity). Nonetheless, lessons were learned and I know that not every week will be like the past couple were. And in the future I know I need to stop, breathe and maybe once in awhile, say no.

A Slow Start & Why the GMAT Kicked My Butt

7 May

Unfortunately this blog is off to a slower start than I would have liked but April was a whirlwind month that provided me with no extra time to sit down and really focus on this new project of mine. The month started off with me writing the GMAT for the second time. As much as I’d love to report to the world that I achieved my goal the second time around I have to admit that it was a disaster. I did worse than I ever did in my GMAT career! Worse than my initial diagnostic exam and worse than any of the 13 practice tests I did prior to the exam. I worked so hard and it was incredibly frustrating not to see the results I was striving for. So why didn’t I achieve my goal? Here are my thoughts…

1.) The Pressure! I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best I can be and sometimes this can have the opposite affect than I would like it to have. I think in the end, I stressed myself out way too much that I couldn’t think straight.

2.) Thinking that this exam would make or break my future was a something that kept going through my mind prior to the exam. This is a thought I shouldn’t have had. It hasn’t effected my current life; I still have job and my friends , family and boyrfriend who love and support me no matter what. And as for my future, that remains a mystery anyways! Just because I’m not good at standardized testing doesn’t mean that I won’t be successful in my career.

3.) Not exploring other options. I was so focused on going back to school to get my MBA that I didn’t look into other programs that could also further my career. I always knew math wasn’t my strength but it was something I had hoped I could overcome. As this continues to be something that I struggle with I’ve decided to start looking at other programs that I could apply my strengths too and I’ve found some that I’m really excited about!

So there you have it, a long winded reason why this blog has been off to a slow start and my reflection on the GMAT. As of now I will start to post a lot more regularly but until I find my groove I can’t give a definite schedule. If anyone is out there reading yet, have you ever had a goal that you haven’t been able to overcome? If so, why do you think you didn’t achieve your goal?

Welcome to Aspiring Superwoman!

25 Mar

Hello and welcome to Aspiring Superwoman! As this is my first blog post and I probably no one is reading this so it feels a little bit awkward but everyone must start somewhere so here I go!

My name is Faren, I am in my mid-twenties and I live in Toronto, Canada. I’ve decided to start this blog for all of the people in their mid-twenties out there who feel like their life is supposed to end up a certain way but don’t know how they’re going to get there! As a young woman, I feel (and I know I’m not alone on this!) that in the next 5-10 years I’m somehow supposed to forge a career for myself, get married and have kids all at the same time! I’ve seen other amazing women do this before and to me they are superwomen. Therefore, the following reasons are why I feel that I am an Aspiring Super Woman:

1) I am currently studying for my GMAT so that I can go back to school to pursue my MBA. With an undergraduate degree in English, this is not something I ever foresaw myself doing but spending my last year in the working world has showed me that this is not only something that will make me more marketable but is also becoming a necessity.

2.) On top of studying for my GMAT and working, I am volunteering for my second year for a major event that helps raise money for cancer research.

3) I enjoy working out, especially spinning and yoga, but have a very difficult time balancing this into my lifestyle. Being healthy is extremely important to me though and also a necessity in becoming a Superwoman.

4)I love spending time with my family, friends and amazing boyfriend and always try to be conscious to keep my time with all of them as equal as possible.

So there you have it folks, my first entry into what I hope will become an enjoyable blog for people to follow for many years to come. If any one is reading this yet, what makes you an aspiring Superwoman/Superman? I would love to hear your feedback!