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Blog Uncertainty

23 Aug

Wowza, it has been a long time since I’ve posted! And I really don’t have any good excuse other than the fact that I’ve been experiencing a little bit of blog uncertainty. Truth be told, I’m not normally a very public person so the fact that I started a blog was a big step for me. The reason I started it was because I do enjoy writing and I work in social media so therefore thought it was a great thing to learn from to make me stronger in my professional career. But then I started realizing my blog doesn’t really have much of a direction. And then things started coming up in my life that I had a lot to say about but didn’t necessarily feel comfortable discussing in a public forum. Additionally, when people brought my blog up I often found myself feeling shy and embarassed about it.

Over the summer I’ve often found myself thinking about my blog. I do want to continue with it but I want to set some guidelines for myself. I read some blogs where the writer spills every detail about their lives. In all honesty, that’s just not me. I also read blogs in which the writer discusses various topics that relate to their lives but don’t get too personal. I think that’s more along the lines of how I want my blog to be. So this is the conclusion I’ve come to – I write this blog for myself and it’s for this reason that I will only write about things that I am comfortable with. I’m not writing this blog to gain a lot of readers or make money. I’m writing to share my experiences, likes, dislikes, etc. with the hope that one day there might be some people out there who find it helpful, interesting, etc. And I’m sure that the time will come where I get more comfortable with blog writing and it will become a full fledged hobby for me but for now, I’m just trying to find my own personal comfort zone.